Pug Shots, a tribute to Mr Kipp.
Kipp is the worlds coolest carrot eating pug. He boasts a great personality with a love for humans, short walks down hill, the sea side, snoring and grunting and slobbery kisses.
This little man stole my heart on my first trip to Malta last year, this time around I just knew I had to give him some quality time in front of my camera. He is a true natural and a dream to photograph, the perfect debut pet photography model for me. He has set the bar high for all future doggies shoots.

Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-042Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-032 Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-033 Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-035 Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-036 Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-038 Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-040 Ruby_Jean-Pug_shots-Malta-041

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