Pug Portraits – This is Kenny, the winner of my recent competition hosted by 5D Competitions. This little nugget is a fire ball in pugs clothing, such a personality in a dynamite package, which you will notice in his very expressive portraits. We spent a wonderful afternoon in Green Point park, running here and there trying to keep up with his energy and excitement.

I am so excited for this new venture, every dog portrait shoot I do I come away feeling so uplifted and full of joy. I just love paying witness to the unconditional love between man and dog, its just awesome. Truly mans best friend.

And this little guy is rumored to be getting a little sister for Christmas, I really hope to be seeing them both in front of my lens soon.

This post would not be complete without the mention of my first Pug Love, Mr Kipp all the way from Malta. He stole my heart (and most of my food) and was very saddened not to be the winner of this competition. However Kipp I would like to assure you, you are the winner of my heart. Follow think like to view his reaction to Kenny’s big win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RYXWXgRwjA&feature=youtu.be

If you are interested in having your dog or cats portraits taken please get in touch, Id love to hear from you.

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