An Elgin Farm Wedding – Richard & Dani

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, and in some cultures rain even symbolizes fertility and cleansing. Others believe that it is good luck because it means your marriage is going to last, they believe this because a wet knot is extremely if not impossible to untie. Therefore when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage will be just as hard to unravel. We can thank Hindu traditions for this one.

Here is an article giving us 11 reason why you actually DO want rain on your wedding day.

Richard and Dani,  if this is anything to go by you guys are in for a treat. It was my absolute pleasure to photograph your special day. Much love to you both xo

And to tie it all together, a word from the bride herself.

“Not yet having met, the stars started aligning when Daniela’s great grandparents farmed next door to Richard’s during the 1950s and 60s.  In 2010, Richard and Daniela made their way across the world to the U.S in pursuit of their passions. Richard – farming apples and Daniela – golfing. Richard, who was in Yakima, WA, returned back to Cape Town and carried on as third generation farmer. Daniela, after spending 7 years in the U.S, living in St. Louis and NYC decided to return home to her family and friends in Cape Town near the end of 2017. The pair met randomly at a bar in Cape Town on a Sunday evening, a school night! They then got chatting and found out how their common interests, similarities, and coincidences were signs too real to ignore. It was a love at first sight moment and the rest is history.”

Service Providers.
Dress: Gabi Rosenworth
Decor: 4 every event
Groom suit: house of manatic
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