Dog Photography in Cape Town is a dream come true for me, with so many doggie friendly locations it is a real treat for me, my clients as well as their humans. Deer Park on the base of Table Mountain is a real treat, with so much to see, sniff, and nibble it is a true dogs paradise. I met Toga, Fiji and their human Laura for a run around the forest, and with the help of a jar full of treats everyone was on their best behavior. There is just something about being around dogs that lifts my spirits, I came away from this shoot grinning from ear to ear. Dogs really are a mans best friend, and that is coming from a sworn cat lady.

RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-001 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-002RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-003 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-004 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-005RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-007 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-006  RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-008 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-009 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-010 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-011 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-012 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-013 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-014 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-015 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-016 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-017 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-018 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-019 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-020 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-021 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-022 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-023 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-024 RubyJean_Photography-deer_paek_pet_photography_cape_town-025

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Alicia Chamaille
March 27, 2019
Hi there My name is Alicia and I have always loved photography. From an early age I played around with a camera. I recently completed the David Lazarus Beginner to Pro course and now look to work alongside someone to further develop those skills. I have excellent time management and administrative skills. I learn quickly and have experience in SEO and online marketing. I have been writing for an online publication and am currently looking for the next step in my career. If you have any interning, or assistant positions available I'd greatly appreciate being considered for the part. I'd be happy to send over my CV, a cover letter and a portfolio/link to my Instagram account. Kind regards, Alicia