Christmas Pet Portraits – Meet Teddy, the happiest dog in Reindeer Antlers you will ever meet. This little bundle runs the show at Eagles Nest Wine Estate, making sure every little detail is top notch and guests are having the best time. He absolutely LOVED his time front camera, however it could have been the endless supply of biltong his humans where feeding him though 😉

After every Pet Portrait shoot I do, I always come away feeling a light and happy. The bond between pet and human is just so special, raw and honest I cant help feeling better about the world.

I asked Kaylee, Teddy’s human to share some of his history with us…

“Teddy was found on a rubbish dump in Stellenbosch when he was about 10 weeks old (The rescue center, DARG, thought he was much younger as he was so tiny due to serious malnutrition) He was dropped off at DARG on Sunday evening and ended up in my arms on Wednesday morning.
The first time my husband and I saw him he squeaked and squealed and then promptly fell asleep in the hood of my jacket – it was love at first sight. We applied for adoption immediately, we were luckily enough to get the house check done the same day and took him home that evening and have never looked back.
He was named Teddy as he looks just like a teddy bear, we were told he would be a lap dog the same size as a Maltese poodle, boy did they get that prediction wrong 😉
Teddy spends every day at the tasting room at Eagles Nest with me, welcoming visitors and entertaining children in the stream. He has not only become Trev and my fur baby, he has also become a huge part of the Eagles Nest family too, my whole team loves him as if he was theirs and he really brings a smile to everyone’s face when they meet him.
Teddy has lit up my life and the life if so many people I know , guests ask for him on the weekends when they come visit Eagles Nest and all my friends make sure he tags along with every time I go to their houses. He is the most loving, caring, gorgeous dog in the whole wide world”

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