An Observatory Pizza Place called Ferdinando’s is the perfect little hidden gem I was thrilled to be introduced to. Upon arrival you just feeling better about the world, its vibey, and welcoming and just comfortable. And their pizza, my goodness, only the best most authentic Italian pizza I have ever tasted outside of Italy. They are passionate about what goes into making their pizza as well as their restaurant, and make a point of befriending every costumer.

I fell in love with Diego and Kiki’s love story which is showcased in their menus, beautifully written and drawn by Kiki herself. They share a unique kind of love for each other and all around them, and its hard not to get involved.

And now about Ferdinando, the big slice, the main cheese the self proclaimed boss of the joint. He is just full of character and adores attention almost as much as he adores pizza. 😉

Here are a few words Kiki uses to describe this little guy. “Ferdinando, the boss, the fox, the love of our pizzarella! In charge of quality control and always keen for a cuddle. You will find Ferdinando wherever the pizza is haha. The smell of melted cheese is his calling. We got Ferdinando when Diego was working nights and me days, I needed a Latin hairy lover to keep me warm at night. Ferdinando was born on the streets of Hout Bay and was just the treat we needed, street smart and charming a perfect candidate for the boss. He is so lovable and always has a big grin on his face.”

I loved getting to know everybody behind the scenes a little better, they are all rockstars and just love what they are doing. Put a visit to Ferdinando’s on your to-do list right away.

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